Step-By-Step Framework to Campus Sustainability

To see long-term, significant greenhouse gas reductions sustainability must be incorporated into all aspects of the college environment such as planning and administration, curriculum, operations, and engagement.

These step-by-step milestones with supporting materials will help you get on track whether you’re just beginning or have already made progress in your college sustainability journey.

Milestone 1

Form Your Sustainability Committee

A sustainability team is critical for steering strategy and driving progress, as well as coordinating and delegating responsibility. It also takes a team to embed sustainability thinking throughout the college. Use these resources to guide your committee creation.

Download Introduction to the Step-By-Step Framework to Campus Sustainability
Download 1. Step-by-Step Guide to Aid Sustainability Committee Development
Download 2. Sample Sustainability Committee Recruitment Email

Milestone 2

Establish a Vision and Goals

Having support for your plan from the top down is critical to your success. Use these resources to assist with the creation of your college sustainability vision and goals.

Download 1. Creating a High-Level Sustainability Plan and Vision
Download 2. Defining Sustainability in Canadian Higher Education

Milestone 3

Complete Your Baseline

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate, or have taken some steps towards sustainability, it’s important to establish a baseline. These materials will help you determine your starting point.

Download 1. Recommended Key Reporting Areas for a Post-Secondary Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Download 2. Guidance for Completing a Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Download 3. Sample Greenhouse Gas Calculation
Download 4. Software Recommendation: Greenhouse Gas Accounting in Post-Secondary Institutions
Download 5. Greenhouse Gas Data Request Sample Email
Download 6. Sample Greenhouse Gas Inventory Fact Sheet
Download 7. Completing a Materiality Assessment: Understanding Stakeholder Sustainability Priorities
Download 8. Understanding Current Sustainability Performance Using a STARS Overview

Milestone 4

Finalize and Formalize Your Plan

Now that you have a better understanding of your starting point and end goal, the next step is planning how to get from the present to the future. These resources will assist you in creating your plan for future-forward progress.

Download 1. Creating a Sustainability Plan
Download 2. Creating a Climate Action Plan

Milestone 5

Launch and Implement Your Plan

It’s time to spread the word and build support and momentum for your plan. Inform stakeholders about your vision and goals for a sustainable college environment, when implementation will begin and how you intend to execute your plan.

Download 1. Launching and Implementing Your Plan

Milestone 6

Monitor Your Efforts

One of the most important parts of any project is ensuring your work is effective through progress check-ins and comparison against your baseline. This document provides guidance on monitoring for success.

Download 1. Reporting Progress for Success
Download 2. Monitoring Progress for Success
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